Short Biographies


 John Cowan, P.Eng,  M.B.A,  C.M.V.P.

John is a retired professional engineer with business management expertise.  John has specialized in the engineering and business aspects of energy management for a wide range of organizations since 1978.  He has designed and implemented effective energy retrofits first as a consultant and then as a co-founder and key manager during the formative years of a leading Canadian ESCO.  Since 1989 as an independent consultant, John has been advising owners, governments and utilities on all aspects of engaging and managing ESCOs.  He retains a technical specialty in energy analysis and measurement/verification of energy savings, having been active in related industry standard writing activities.  He is a past Chair of the Board of Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) ( a global standard writing and advocacy NGO focused on elevating the profile of energy efficiency in the competition for capital.  

Doug Harvey-Smith, P.Eng.

With many years’ experience in both the chemical industry and government, Doug has accomplishments in the areas of equipment and process design, economic studies, regulation development, maintenance and plant management, and energy management. For 8 years until 1996, he shared in the direction of the Department of National Defence’s energy management program. While the principal proponent of energy performance contracting, he directed the pilot project at Base Ottawa, and actively participated in projects at Halifax, Trenton, Edmonton, Gagetown and Montreal. Since 1996, he has actively promoted energy performance contracting in the governmental and institutional sectors.

Trevor Heavens, B.Comm., CMA

Until 1998, Trevor was Vice President Finance and Administration for Defence Construction Canada, the Federal Crown Corporation managing construction and related work for National Defence.  In this role, Trevor was responsible for both contracting and finance.  He was instrumental in facilitating many Energy Performance Contracts for the Department of National Defence.  He brings many years of experience in the construction field with both the public and private sectors.

Robert Schmeisser, P.Eng,  C.M.V.P.

Bob is a Professional Engineer with over 40 years of design and management experience in the construction engineering field. Since 1994 he has been working virtually full-time in the energy management field. This has included being Project Manager for a major DND Energy Performance Contract and later as the ESCO’s on-site representative. Since joining Kaladar in 2003 he has assisted numerous clients prepare for and manage energy conservation projects. Bob is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), a designation received from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and EVO.


 J. Maurice Charron, ing.

Maurice led a multi-million-dollar energy retrofit program at Industry Canada under the Federal Buildings Initiative. For ten years he assisted Natural Resources Canada in actively promoting energy conservation initiatives with other government departments and agencies through representations and presentations. Prior to joining Kaladar, Maurice worked with Foreign Affairs Canada identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs at Canada’s embassies and missions abroad. 

Glen Fry, P.Eng.

Glen’s experience includes all forms of construction contract management. Recently he was employed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada as Manager of Facility Management Services and Transport Canada as a Capital Program Engineer. In these roles, he was responsible for construction project development, project management and contract administration in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. He recently managed the development and implementation of an energy performance contract for facilities located at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Mactaquac, New Brunswick. Other experience with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada includes many years in the life cycle management of facilities and optimization of the associated energy management services.

Ian Martin, P.Eng.

Until 1998 Ian was a senior engineer with Defence Construction Canada and was responsible for contract implementation and management for the Western provinces.  He pioneered and was a key player in the introduction of design-build and value-based contracts.  He was project manager for a major redevelopment project based on environmental risk assessment.  As a Kaladar Associate, Ian participated in a review of energy performance contract documents for British Columbia Building Corporation and development of an energy-related website for the Greater Vancouver Regional District. 

Ivan Warren, P.Eng.

Ivan was responsible for energy management at a large fish processing plant where many energy conservation initiatives were implemented.  Subsequently he was employed in various capacities by the City of St. John’s where he was a Systems Engineer responsible for water and wastewater.  He participated in a large energy management project for the city and has many years of experience in project management.